In the middle of the Second World War, Japan was losing the battles in the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese government tried to increase the production of airplanes by constructing a new naval arsenal, larger than any they had built before. Japan also implemented for the first time a plan to recruit child workers from its colony Taiwan. The original plan was to recruit 25,000 to 30,000 child laborers, or Shonenko, but it was dismissed because of the air raid on the sealane between Taiwan and Japan. In this Arsenal, 8,419 Taiwanese children were involved in the manufacture of Raiden(Jack), the interceptor fighter designed to defend against the B-29.

According to the contract, the children were supposed to study in class while working. But Japan surrendered without giving them any opportunity to study. They came to Japan to obtain higher degrees and to become future engineers, escaping from the poverty at home. But their dreams were shattered...




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